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The Best Student Discounts For Travel: Find Unbeatable Flight and Hotel Deals!

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You’re a student and the world’s your classroom, but travel expenses are large. Here’s a fact: with the right know-how, students can snag serious discounts on flights and hotels. This post is your golden ticket to unlocking those sweet savings as we lay out the best student discounts for travel.

Understanding Student Discounts for Travel

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OK, you’re a student, and we know that every penny counts. So taking trips and getaways may seem just like a dream you see on Instagram—especially when the travel bug bites, but your budget is slim. Lucky for you, digging into student discounts for flights and hotels is like finding a treasure chest that can make those dream trips a reality without breaking the bank. Here’s the kinds of discounts you can find as a student.

Flight discounts

You’ve got your student ID and a dream to see the world, now let’s make it easier on your wallet. By far, the best source to start is StudentUniverse. This website is all about being a one-stop shop to source awesome flight discounts just for being a student.

Imagine flying to far-off places without paying full price – that’s what happens when you nab these deals. You might save up to 30% off regular airfare prices.

All you have to do is sign up for a free account with StudentUniverse. It’s like having a secret code that unlocks cheaper flights and special promo codes during busy travel times.

Heading back home or exploring new territories becomes less of a financial headache and more about making unforgettable memories – all thanks to reduced-price plane tickets tailored for students like you.

Hotel savings for scholars

Finding a good place to stay without breaking the bank is easier than you think with student hotel discounts. Many booking sites offer special rates for rooms in cities all around the world. Just like flights, hotels give better prices if you can prove you’re a student.

Also there are particular ISIC benefits you can get just by having this particular form of a student ID. The International Student Identity Card serves as internationally recognized proof of student status and offers access to various benefits and discounts globally, including travel, accommodation, and cultural institutions. Many schools issue ISIC cards on campus. You can also order online and receive a virtual card with an option to receive a printed card by mail. All full time students at accredited colleges and universities are eligible for an ISIC.

With your Student ID you can find affordable hotel stays. Whether it’s hostels for solo trips or comfortable hotels when traveling with friends, there’s a fit for every budget and style.

Whichever platform you use make sure to compare and check potential cash-back offers from using certain credit cards. Keep a lookout during peak times; some websites drop extra promo codes to stack on the savings!

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Best Websites for Student Travel Discounts

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Curious about where to snag those student-exclusive travel deals? You’re in luck—there are dedicated platforms that cater specifically to your wanderlust without breaking the bank. Remember for this to work, you must be an active student as these travel brands and platforms will make you prove it!


As we mentioned above, StudentUniverse hooks you up with awesome flight and hotel deals just for students. Imagine scoring secure and affordable trips to Hawaii or snagging discount tickets that make your study abroad dreams a breeze.

Another perk about StudentUniverse discounts is that they often add additional promo codes when booking flights – talk about double savings! If plans change, no sweat. You can cancel risk-free within 24 hours on many of their offers.

Jetting across the country? StudentUniverse has domestic deals covered too, keeping cash in your pocket for more adventures. And if you’ve got your sights set on international skies, they partner with big names like British Airways and United Airlines.

How much can you save? Users report up to 30% off on flights for students!


The legacy online travel agency Kayak has a special section dedicated for students where they will curate offers on discounted travel specifically for students. Going through this portal, you must be under age 26, as well as, being a student.

It’s simple to find these discounts on the site. While searching for your destination, select “student” as your traveler option. You can then sort by the cheapest to find the best and budget-friendly deal for your trip.


Check out CheapOair for big savings on your next trip. This site offers budget-friendly student travel with sweet deals on both flights and hotels. As a student, you’ll find loads of cheap options for zipping around the country or even jetting off abroad.

Sign up for free and grab those exclusive promo codes they dish out—just what you need to shave a few more bucks off that travel bill!

With CheapOair, it’s all about making your dollar stretch further. You score student discounts without any hassle, leaving more cash in your pocket for souvenirs or extra adventures.

Whether it’s spring break or study abroad, keep this site on your radar—you won’t regret snagging their top-notch bargains!


OneTravel stands out with a section dedicated to student deals on flights, hotels, and vacation packages. This sounds great for students looking to save, but it’s important to note that they don’t offer extra discounts beyond what’s in this section.

Keep an eye on service fees though—OneTravel charges up to $35 on most economy flights. If your travel plans change or you need to cancel, be prepared for additional fees.

While shopping around for the cheapest airfare, remember OneTravel also has its own credit card offering. However, better options might be out there if you’re keen on rewards and perks tied specifically to travel.


SmartFares offers another way to save on travel if you’re a student. They hunt down low-cost tickets and bring them straight to you. Their website is easy to use, with clear categories for different travel needs.

You can find deals on flights all over the world, often at prices that leave more money in your pocket for adventures.

Look out for their special promotions and seasonal sales—these are times when you can snag even bigger discounts. SmartFares also has a 24/7 customer service team ready to help with any questions or issues during the booking process.

Make sure to check their baggage policies though; every airline’s rules are different, and staying informed will help avoid surprises at the airport.

Airline-Specific Student Discounts

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Some airlines specifically offer student discounts for travel. Let’s uncover how major carriers are making your travel dreams more budget-friendly.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is the largest carrier of Hong Kong and is a member of the Oneworld Global Alliance. They offer services to more than 200 cities in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and Australia.

Check their website often because there is a student discount page where they will post the promo codes you should use when booking with them directly. Remember, you’ll have to show you’re a student, so keep that ID handy.


Emirates is one of two flag carriers of the United Arab Emirates. This airline is known for it’s luxury class cabins. They often offer special student discounts, but you must visit the page to check for valid coupons and offer. Remember, with limited time offers, it pays to book your adventure early. So check out Emirates and make your student budget stretch further as you soar above the clouds.


Ready to fly another luxury airline? Etihad steps up the game for students who love to travel. Students can save up to 10% off Economy and up to 5% on Business tickets on flights. To qualify you must be an international student aged 18-32 and study abroad in any of their qualifying countries (see their FAQs section). You must also be an Etihad Guest member and have your international student ID verified before booking.

The discounts and terms may change, so be sure to check their student offer page before your booking.


KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is the flag carrier of the Netherlands. KLM offers student discounts of 10%, but student fares are only available for customers between 18 and 29 years. Here’s how you book a flight.

  1. Visit KLM’s website.
  2. Enter trip details.
  3. Choose your origin and destination.
  4. Click on the passenger label
  5. Choose Student Major and then the Student Fare option.
  6. Search for flights.
  7. View student fares in the search results.
  8. Select your preferred flight.
  9. Review and confirm your selection.
  10. Enter passenger information.
  11. Make the payment.
  12. Receive confirmation via email.

As long as you choose passenger type as “Student”, the airline always displays student fares for you. If you want more options or have questions, you can also call KLM Airlines customer service for assistance.

knows you’re hitting the books hard, so they’ve tailored discounts just for students like you. If your studies take you overseas, this airline has your back with savings on flights. There are other terms and conditions like be enrolled as a full-time student in any educational institution. The student fares are only applicable for Economy class bookings. KLM student fares are only valid for trips with at least 21 days. Not all destinations or flights may have student fares available for customers.

Lufthansa Generation Fly

Lufthansa Generation Fly offers amazing deals for students traveling one-way or return from USA to Europe, Africa, the Middle East or India. You get the lowest prices on flights across Lufthansa’s wide network. Plus, they throw in a free checked bag.

Student fares are clearly identified as “Student Fare” on the flight selection page and are offered on selected dates and flights only, depending on availability.

Book directly on Lufthansa’s website, and you’ll have to verify your student status right there on the website. Remember to book ‘Student Fare’ to enjoy the discounts.

Lufthansa is the largest airline in Germany, and the second-largest in Europe.

This is perfect when you’re heading off to study abroad or taking that well-earned break.

Air Canada

Air Canada is the flag carrier and the largest airline of Canada. Air Canada offers The Student Flight Pass which is an ideal option for students frequently traveling between their educational institution and home. It offers a variety of choices to suit different needs. When you purchase a Student Flight Pass, you’re essentially buying flights in bulk, which translates to savings on each journey you undertake.

The process involves selecting a geographic zone that suits your travel requirements. Each pass includes six flights within this chosen zone (note that connecting flights are not included in these six flights). Prices can be as affordable as $195 CAD per flight, making it a cost-effective solution for regular student travel.

Additionally Air Canada offers student fares outside of this package. Check their website and search “student offer” to see the current campaign.


Keep those student IDs handy and dive into the world of travel discounts specifically tailored for students. Remember, with a bit of research, you can uncover amazing flight and hotel deals just for students.

Frequently Asked Questions About Student Travel Discounts

1. Which airline offers the best deals for students looking to save on flights?

Air Canada often leads with some of the most attractive student discounts, providing value through reduced fares in basic economy class.

2. How can I be sure I’m getting the lowest prices as a student traveler?

Start by checking out online travel agencies we mentioned that specialize in student travel—they’re pros at valuation and price comparisons to ensure you snag those sweet savings.

3. Are there hotel discounts available for students too?

Absolutely! Many hotels partner with companies online travel agencies we mentioned on pricing just for students—just show your ID or sign up through their platforms.

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