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Points and Miles Calculator: What Are Your Travel Rewards Really Worth? (2024 Values)

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Ever wondered if you’re actually getting a good deal from your airline miles or points? According to our team’s comprehensive analysis, the value of these rewards can substantially vary across different programs. Before skipping ahead to our miles calculator, this article will help you to understand how to calculate the true worth of your travel points and also provide useful tips on maximizing their redemption. So get ready – because we’re about to take you on an exciting journey in understanding your points and miles better!

Understanding Points and Miles Valuations

A traveler surrounded by travel essentials in a bustling city. Airline miles and points can be a true gold mine for savvy travelers, but understanding their real value involves delving into the complexities of how they work. Various factors like redemption rates, expiration policies, transferability options and airline loyalty program changes heavily affect these valuations.

How they work

Airline miles or points gain value when you use them. You join a loyalty program and earn miles or points on flights or hotel stays. After getting enough, you use them to pay for travel instead of cash. The cost in cash versus using points sets the value of these rewards. For example, if a flight costs $300 or 30,000 miles, each mile is worth one cent ($0.01). This is the general process most top credit card sites, like NerdWallet, use to calculate the value.

Factors that affect value

Different things can change the worth of your miles and points. One big factor is how you use them. For example, using points for a plane seat can give you more value than buying items online like on Amazon.  Another thing to think about is the changes in values over time. For instance, American Airlines’ AAdvantage Miles have gone up in value from 1 cent per mile to 1.7 cents per mile since 2019 and 2020. Also, different airlines or hotels might offer more bang for your buck. Not all miles or points are made equal! Sometimes Frontier Airlines has miles three times as valuable as they were back in 2019, for example! Previous strategies were to stick to one brand for each category. But as the rules continue to change with these programs, it’s becoming a better strategy to diversify which brands you are using, and get a credit card that allows a lot of flexibility on how you can redeem the points. This will help you avoid being stuck in a program when the rules change to a less favorable situation for users. Like Delta Air Lines fans who were stunned with the upcoming changes to their requirements for benefits starting in 2024. Marriott loyalists experienced a drop in Marriott’s hotel point value since its peak in 2019. And Wyndham’s points value have increased the pas few years. To squeeze every bit of benefit from your travel rewards such as targeted cash values applied when trading them off will be important. Remember: The way you pick to spend your savings will affect their real-world worth!

Current Valuations for Airline Miles

miles calculator In this section, we delve into the current worth of various airline miles, examining popular loyalty programs including Delta’s SkyMiles and United’s MileagePlus. We also discuss how these values have fluctuated over recent years, giving you an overall view of the changing landscape in points valuation.

Top airline loyalty programs

  • American Airlines AAdvantage: This loyalty program has gained value over time. One mile is now worth 1.7 cents, up from 1.0 cent a couple of years ago.
  • Frontier Airlines: If you fly often with Frontier, your miles are in luck! They are now three times more valuable than they were in 2019.
  • Delta SkyMiles: This program lets you earn miles for flights and other purchases. You can use them to pay for future travel.
  • United MileagePlus: Frequent flyers love this program. It offers lots of ways to earn miles and even more ways to spend them.
  • Southwest Rapid Rewards: Fly with Southwest often? Then this program is where it’s at! You can earn points for flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

How value has changed over time

The value of points and miles has seen significant shifts over the past few years. When looking at the evolution of these values, it’s clear that some airline and hotel loyalty programs have fared better than others.

Let’s take a look at the data:


2020 Value (cents)

2023 Value (cents)

2024 Value (cents)

American Airlines AAdvantage Miles




Frontier Airlines Miles




Marriott Points




Wyndham Points




World of Hyatt Points




As you can see, American Airlines AAdvantage Miles and Frontier Airlines Miles have both seen a significant increase in their value from 2019 to 2024. However, the hotel programs have shown a mixed trend. While the value of Wyndham Points has increased, Marriott’s points have decreased in value and the value of World of Hyatt Points, although decreased in 2023 compare to 2019, is still higher than the other hotel programs. These changes underscore the importance of monitoring the value of your points and miles over time.

How much airline miles are worth now

*these are the values used in our miles calculator

2024 airlines miles values


Comparing Hotel Point Values

Now let’s dive into the leading hotel loyalty programs, observing the fluctuations in point values over time and securing key trends.

Top hotel loyalty programs

Travelers often want to know which hotel loyalty programs are the best. Here’s a list of top ones.

World of Hyatt

  • It has the highest point value at 2.3 cents, as per NerdWallet data.
  • Cool perks and rewards are part of this program.

Marriott Bonvoy

  • This is a famous program for travelers all around.
  • But its hotel point value has gone down since 2019.

Hilton Honors

  • Hilton’s program gets much love from globe trotters.
  • Yet it has the lowest point value compared to others.

Wyndham Rewards

  • It’s seeing a steady rise in point value.
  • It offers great benefits for its members.

IHG Rewards Club

  • This club is known for good service.
  • It offers nice rewards with an easy way to redeem points.

Current hotel point valuations

*these are the values used in our miles calculator

2023 hotel points values

Trends in value

Over the years, the value of airline miles and hotel points has seen significant changes due to various reasons, including changes in company policies, market competition, and global economic factors. The following table summarizes some of the recent trends in the value of points and miles from popular hotel and airline loyalty programs.

Program Current Value (2024) Change from Previous Years
Hyatt 2.3 cents Decreased but remains the highest value among hotel programs
Hilton Lowest in the hotel industry Has maintained a low value
American Airlines AAdvantage Miles Increased Value Significant increase compared to previous years
Frontier Airlines Increased Value Significant increase compared to previous years
Marriott Decreased Value Still down from its 2019 values
Wyndham Increased Value Steadily increased over time

It’s crucial for travelers to keep track of these trends to make the most out of their loyalty programs.

POINTS & MILES Calculator

Use our calculator tool to see what your miles or points are worth in dollars. 

Maximizing Your Rewards

Using our points and miles calculator tool will give you the current value for your travel rewards, but when you learn how to squeeze the highest value from your earned points and miles this is how you strategically cash in for amazing travel experiences. Discover the most beneficial credit cards and loyalty programs for your travel needs. Stay informed about the latest updates in reward program landscapes.

Tips for getting the most value from points and miles

It’s smart to know how to get the most from your points and miles. Here are some tips:

  1. Use a credit card that earns flexible rewards that can be transferred to a wide variety of travel partners, like airlines and hotels. 
  2. Choose the right program. Some airlines give more worth for each mile. 
  3. Take note of the changes in value over time. For instance, Frontier Airlines’ miles now have three times the 2019 value!
  4. Try to earn hotel points too. Hyatt’s points are quite high at 2.3 cents each.
  5. Keep an eye on news and updates in the travel rewards world for new ways to grow your points and miles.
  6. Always redeem your rewards wisely to get the best deal on flights or stays.
  7. Check the cash values before using your rewards to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

Choosing the right credit cards and programs

Picking the best credit cards and programs is key to getting the most out of your points. Think about what airlines you use most often or which hotels you like to stay in. If American Airlines is your top choice, a card that rewards you with AAdvantage Miles can be great. This program’s value has increased from 1 cent per mile in 2019 and 2020 to 1.7 cents now. Some people favor many short trips over a few long ones. Others might love luxury stays more than lots of budget travel. Each person will need different cards and plans for these choices. For example, if high-end hotels are a must for you, Hyatt could be an excellent pick due to its point value being highest at 2.3 cents each.

Latest news and updates in the points and miles world

New offers keep popping up in the points and miles world. The World of Hyatt Business Credit Card has a super bonus offer right now. There are also big bonuses from Marriott Bonvoy American Express Cards, both for business and brilliant categories. Keep an eye on these deals as they can boost your mile value quickly.


The value of your airline miles and points can change. But, when you know their worth, you can use them in the best way. So keep learning about this topic, it will help you get more from your trips!



Airline miles or points are rewards you earn when you travel with an airline, use their credit card, or buy from their partners.

The worth of your airline miles or points can be checked by dividing the cash price of a ticket by the number of miles needed to redeem for that flight.

No, typically you cannot directly exchange your airline miles for money but they can be used to book flights, get upgrades, rent cars and more.

No, each airline has its own rules and values for their reward program which means not all air mile programs will have the same value.

Each loyalty program has different rules on expiration dates; some might expire without activity while others never expire as long as your account remains open.

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