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Travel Deal Tuesday: The Best Day Of The Year To Find Flight Deals

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Scoring the best flight deals can feel like an endless treasure hunt. Well Travel Deal Tuesday is the best time of year to score deals with savings that can compound up to 80% off. In fact, Travel Deal Tuesday has more deals than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined, and this article will map out strategies to snag those sought-after travel deals, including flights.

A man and woman at airport looking at flight departure board.What is Travel Deal Tuesday

Travel Deal Tuesday is a national shopping event where consumers can benefit from the biggest deals offered in the travel industry all year.

Big Travel Savings on the Tuesday After Thanksgiving

Travel Deal Tuesday has become a big deal for folks who love to get away without breaking the bank. Just like Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday offer great buys on gadgets and goodies, Travel Deal Tuesday opens up the world with mega savings on trips.

Travel Deal Tuesday is every year the Tuesday after Thanksgiving and in 2023 it lands on November 28th. On this day, after everyone’s done shopping for TVs and toys, you can snag some serious discounts on flights and hotels. It’s a chance to book that dream trip for less.

Airlines, hotels, and travel companies roll out some of their best offers on Travel Deal Tuesday. You might find prices drop lower than any other time of the year – perfect if you want to fly across the country or even overseas.

Air France might surprise you with low fares to Paris or JetBlue could make that beach vacation more affordable than ever before. And don’t forget about hotel prices; they take a nosedive too! It’s no wonder savvy travelers wait all year for this one special day to lock down their holiday plans with perks galore.

Why is Did the Travel Industry Create Travel Deal Tuesday?

You might wonder why this Tuesday is so important in the world of trips and flights. After the Thanksgiving rush, airlines are eager to keep planes full during slower times. They roll out discounts to grab your attention while you’re still in the holiday shopping mood.

The travel industry wanted to participate in sales, and were doing so alongside the other sales during the Black Friday season. But, so many deals were being missed by consumers. In 2017 the first Travel Deal Tuesday was launched, led by the travel company Hopper.It’s increasingly been embraced by the travel industry, with more and more travel providers offering greater discounts for flights, hotels, car rentals…almost every part of the travel industry now participates.

Now you can plan to book dream trips at a fraction of what you would usually pay.

How to Find the Best Travel Tuesday Deals

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Here’s a quick check list on how you can secure the most enticing Travel Deal Tuesday bargains.

  1. Set up price alerts on your favorite travel apps
  2. Scrutinize each offer for authenticity
  3. Utilize any applicable promo codes
  4. Compare various options for flights, lodging, and vehicle rentals
  5. Be flexible with travel dates and destinations
  6. Check existing credit cards for any rewards you can cash in to maximize savings

Even though you may have a travel wish list, embrace flexibility in your itinerary by considering different dates and destinations to enhance the likelihood of landing that unbeatable deal.

Activate price alerts

Set up price alerts on sites like Google Travel, Going, and Hopper to have the best flight deals for Travel Deal Tuesday delivered to your inbox. It’s the “set it and forget it” strategy that once you set them up, these services will send you a message if there’s a drop in prices for your chosen destinations.

Keep an eye on those emails or app notifications from your price alerts so that you can book quickly. Flight prices change fast due to dynamic pricing, which means what’s cheap now might not stay that way long.

With alerts activated, you’ll have the upper hand in snagging those low-cost tickets as soon as they pop up.

Verify deals

To make sure you’re really getting a bargain on Travel Deal Tuesday, do some homework. Check out the original price of flights before they go on sale. This way, you’ll know if the deal is good or just looks that way.

It’s smart to look at different airlines and travel sites too. Sometimes what seems like a special price isn’t much cheaper than normal.

You want your money to be well spent! Read all the details carefully so you understand what you’re buying. Look for things like layovers, flight times, and baggage fees that might not be in big letters but can change how much value you get from a deal.

And don’t forget to see if there are any extra charges that could sneak up on your wallet! Along the same lines, watch out for blackout dates and take time to read the fine print.

Keep an eye out for flash sales or offers from airlines like Southwest and Delta Airlines during this day as they may give extra savings or perks such as in-flight entertainment or discounted loyalty points for their loyalty program members.

Use credit cards that offer travel rewards when booking to compound the savings, so you can cash in the rewards for future trips. Make every dollar count and double-check each offer for true savings!

Apply promo codes and credit card offers

Look for promo codes online before you book a flight. These special codes can knock extra money off the price. You find them on travel websites or by signing up for airline newsletters. Some airlines give you a discount right away if you use their app to book.

Your credit card could also help you save cash on trips. Many cards offer rewards like miles or points for each dollar you spend. Use these rewards when booking flights, hotels, and more.

Check your credit card’s site to see what offers they have for Travel Deal Tuesday. It might be extra points or even access to secret sales! If your card is part of an airline alliance like Star Alliance, SkyTeam, or Oneworld, this could mean even bigger savings with companies such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, and Japan Airlines.

Always read the fine print before using these deals so there are no surprises later on. This way, you get the best deal possible without any hassle!

Compare flights, hotels, and car rentals

Comparing flights, hotels, and car rentals can help you save money on Travel Deal Tuesday. Here’s how to make sure you get the best deals:

  • Use websites that compare prices for you. They show different options side by side so you can see which one costs less.
  • Look at not just the price but what you get for it. A cheaper flight might have more stops or no free bags.
  • Check if you can change your flight without paying extra. Some tickets let you do this, which is helpful if plans change.
  • See what other travelers say about a hotel before booking. Good reviews can mean a better stay.
  • For car rentals, look at different pick-up spots like airports or city locations to find the best price.
  • Sometimes booking a flight, hotel, and car all at once can be cheaper. Keep an eye out for these package deals.
  • Join loyalty programs for airlines and rental companies. You might get special offers or points towards future trips.

Be flexible with travel dates and destinations

Being flexible with your travel dates and destinations can lead to huge savings. Travel Deal Tuesday is the best day to find flight deals, but if you’re open to flying on different days or to different places, you might score even cheaper tickets.

Sometimes leaving a day earlier or coming back a day later than planned can cut costs. Also, consider alternate destinations that are similar to where you want to go; they may have better deals.

You don’t always have to fly straight into your dream city. Try looking for flights into smaller airports nearby or choose a less popular spot that’s just as fun. For example, instead of heading straight for Los Angeles, maybe fly into Long Beach or Orange County if it’s cheaper. Google Travel allows you to search up to five destinations in one search.

Check out this video where I explain.

With an open mind and some creativity in picking your dates and locations, Travel Deal Tuesday can turn into an opportunity for adventure at a fraction of the price!

What Airlines and Hotels Are Participating This Year?

According to Hopper, more than a dozen airlines have confirmed that they would be participating in Travel Deal Tuesday, with more expected to be announced. International airlines such as Aer Lingus, American Airlines, Fiji Airways, and China Airlines are offering flight deals.

Multiple hotels are offering between 20% and 40% off for bookings on November 28, as well as similar savings from major tourism boards and car rental companies that have partnered with the platform.

Other Ways to Save on Travel Tuesday

Beyond securing flight deals on Travel Deal Tuesday, savvy travelers can ramp up their savings by exploring partnerships between airlines and alliances, which often offer discounted rates for mutual customers.

It’s also beneficial to consider airports in close proximity to your primary destination – this strategy could unearth significant cost reductions. Preparing for the next Travel Deal Tuesday is equally important; stay informed about upcoming promotions and ensure you’re ready to pounce on attractive offers as soon as they drop.

Look for insurance deals

A little-known deal for travelers to look into this time of year is for deep discounts on travel insurance. There are private membership programs like Medjet that provide security, evacuation and medical transport, which is important for those who plan to travel abroad right now.



Check for airline partnerships and alliances

Airline partnerships and alliances can unlock big savings on Travel Deal Tuesday. Many airlines team up to offer more routes and better prices. If you have a particular destination in mind, be sure to check out their website and follow their social media to see what they’re offering. If you pick a flight with one airline, you might be able to fly part of your trip with another at no extra cost.

This is because they’re friends in an alliance.

Look for deals across these networks, like SkyTeam, Oneworld, or Star Alliance. Your favorite airline might just have a partner that’s offering a low price on the same route. Plus, if you’re part of a frequent flyer program, flying with an allied airline means you can still earn points.

Don’t stick to only one website or company; check different ones for flight deals on Travel Deal Tuesday. You can often combine flights from different partners to create a cheaper trip overall than booking everything separately.

Keep your options open and explore all the possible paths to your destination!

Consider nearby airports

Looking for airports close to your destination can save you money on Travel Deal Tuesday. Sometimes, smaller airports not too far from where you want to go offer better deals than major ones.

You might find a cheaper flight and still get to your spot with just a short drive or train ride.

Also think about flying out of different airports near you. This can open up more options for travel deal Tuesday flight deals. You could catch a great price that’s worth the extra time getting to a different airport.

Keep your eyes open for these chances!

Is Travel Tuesday actually a thing?

Users on Reddit were questioning if you really save on Travel Deal Tuesday.

Travel Deal Tuesday Reddit

One user responded that when you bundle you can find more savings.

This year Hopper is forecasting flight deals to destinations like Miami, Las Vegas, The Bahamas, Bali, London and Paris.

In practice, I have found that you have to roll up your sleeves and really search all the resources for the deals. Of course, the more flexible you are, the more options you will have.

Plan ahead by picking a few places you would love to visit. Then, watch for price drops on these destinations. Make a list of nearby airports because sometimes flying from a different place can be cheaper.


Remember, Travel Deal Tuesday can be your ticket to big savings! Smart travelers mark their calendars for November 28th, to plan fantastic getaways for the upcoming year.


Travel Deal Tuesday is a day when the travel industry offers big savings on flights. It’s known as the best day of the year to find flight deals.

It happens each year on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, so right after Cyber Monday.

Yes, you can often find some of the lowest prices for flights on this special day because airlines want to sell more tickets by offering good deals.

Airlines drop prices on this day because they know people are looking for deals and it matches with consumer behavior trends following Thanksgiving holiday shopping events.

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